The Patient Perspective

Patients’ experiences have gradually illuminated many areas where the system works well and where it needs improvement through patient participation. Including patients in important healthcare discussions can shed light on how information is given, how care is organized and provided, how relationships with providers are formed, how safety issues are perceived, and how outcomes are evaluated.

Among the current issues that could be improved with patient participation are:

  • Easing movement between different parts of the system
  • More support for aging population
  • Doctor-patient relations
  • Nurse-patient relations
  • Patient access to appointments, prescription renewals, physician feedback, and test results through information technology

3 responses to “The Patient Perspective

  1. I am a retired RN who had a ?stroke went to ER stat…and healthcare is so bad here, the ER staff spent 10 hours trying to prove me wrong–I wish they would have listened to me. Now permanently disabled. Whatever happened to Patients’ Rights?

  2. Too much is doctor centred. Needs to be patient centred. Many M.D.s waste time doubting the patient’s concerns
    on what is wrong. Patients need empowering. Whwn will that happen?

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